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Conférence aujourd’hui: Marketing 2.0

Conférence aujourd’hui: Marketing 2.0


Voici le programme de la journée:

09h00 – 10h30
It’s All About Video – How to Use Video and Real-Time as an Effective Marketing Tool for Branded Entertainment – Learnings, Best Practices and Scaleable Results

Nicolas Beauchesne
YouTube & Display Leader, Google France

Michael Seibel
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer,

Max Kornfit
Mogulus, CEO and Co-Founder

10h45 – 12h30
How to Integrate Word-of-Mouth Into your Advertising Plan – Benefit From Sustainable Word-of-Mouth Programs

Emmanuel Vivier
Culture-Buzz, CEO

Dave Balter
BzzAgent, President and Chief Executive Officer

Martin Oetting
t r n d

Sven Rusticus
CEO, Icemedia

Markus Roder
Digital Solutions, Head of Strategy

Additional Presentations:
Willem Sodderland
Buzzer Inc., CEO

Claus Moseholm

13h30 – 15h00
Research 2.0 – How Online Word-of-Mouth Works and How The Impact Is Measured – Learn From Consumers Help Marketing Brands And Products

Peeter Verlegh
Professor Marketing, Erasmus University

Laurent Florès
CEO Crmmetrix

Fergus Hampton
Millward Brown Precis, Managing Director

Additional Presentations:
Yubo Chen
University of Arizona, Researcher

Suresh Sood
University of Technology Sydney, Researcher

See Also

Prof. Alex (Sandy) Pentland
MIT Media Lab, Director

15h30 – 17h30
Real Business Cases that Show How Web 2.0 Works for Your Brand

Dawn Bebé

Alexander Macris/ Scott Foe
Themis Group & Nokia, Massive Gaming Gods

Pier Ludovico Bancale

Additional Presentations:
Inus Hwang
Azoomma Marketing Lab, President

Sven Dörrenbächer
DaimlerChrysler AG, Marketing & Communication

Matt Rowley
Managing Partner Central

17h30 – 18h
How NOT To Earn Money From Social-Network Communities

Dr. Evil, Chief Villain

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